Spring is here!

Well it’s the beginning of spring in most of the country.  Here is Phoenix, it’s been spring for awhile, and the temperature is already starting to climb.  Within the next month or so, it will be like summer and we’ll be heading for the dreaded 100+ mark.  While everyone else in the country starts to emerge from their winter cocoons, this is the time we in Southern AZ, start to head inside to the air conditioning, and our sewing machines.  While we sew all year round, it’s hard to stay inside when the weather is so wonderful outside.  I’ve been known to drag my machine to the back porch so that I can try and enjoy both, but it usually only takes a good gust of wind blowing my pieces around, or something falling in to the dirt to make me change my mind about being outside and sewing.  With that said, if I ever had a lot of money, I would build myself a summer house.  I would put it in the middle of a wonderful flower garden (who someone else takes care of- I’m hopeless with plants) so that I could sit in the shade and sew, surrounded by the lazy summer sounds of bees buzzing and birds calling.  Screened in to keep out the mosquitoes, the sweet scents of summer floating in the breeze.  Yep, that’s where I would spend my time sewing.  A hammock in the corner, where I could lie away a lazy Sunday afternoon reading.  Sounds like my version of heaven.

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