Spring in Northern NM

Well, this is the first spring I’ve really gotten to experience since the last 15 years was spent in Phoenix.  Phoenix doesn’t really experience spring, because they don’t go through winter.  Spring is wonderful after going through our first year of snow and ice in over 15 years.  The trees are starting to green up, as are the plants and lawns.  The daffodils are blooming and so are some of the trees around town.  But the warming weather isn’t the only thing changing, I’ve found that my quilting tastes tend to follow the weather as well.  When we were going into fall and winter, we tend to look for fall colors- oranges, rusts, browns, and golds, these last us through the fall and into the Christmas and Holidays seasons, when we go with our favorite Holiday colors: Red/green/gold for traditional Christm20160324_222333as colors, Blue/Silvers for Hanukkah, and so on.  I’ve found that now that we are officially into Spring, my color choices tend to follow those lines as well.  After the browns of winter, I’m looking for a little color, and definitely more florals than I normally do.  Not sure if it’s just Spring, but it could be Easter as well, which is coming up this weekend.  I’m really wishing I had a table runner and some placemats in Easter fabrics.  I have a wonderful print of Easter Eggs in my stash that I’ve been keeping for (gasp) about 20 years.  Yikes!  I think it’s about time that I get it out and use it.  No use letting it wither away never having been used.  So, maybe I’ll work on that this Saturday.  Oh well, if I don’t get it done, there’s always next year.  I made a Valentine’s table runner from my French Braid Frenzy pattern with some of my Valentine’s day stash that I had been saving.  I still have to bind it- so I didn’t get to use it this year- and knowing how much I hate to hand bind projects- it wouldn’t be surprising if it’s still unbound come next Valentine’s day as well.  🙂  Seriously, I have like 12 quilts just waiting for binding and label to be done.  I’ll get to it one day.  But for now, the warming weather is calling me outdoors before all of the bugs and the heat of summer get here and I retreat back indoors.  Hope you’re enjoying a warming trend in your neck of the woods as well, and Happy Quilting!  Kimberly

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