Spring Cleaning

As a professional Interior Designer, there are a few tricks that we know that help us out on occasion.  Some of you may know that my family and I relocated to NM from Phoenix late last year.  We bought an older home (a first for us- our previous homes were new) and as with any older home, there is a lot of maintenance to do.  This house in particular had been neglected maintenance-wise, and while I’m looking forward to making some of the renovations and making the house our own, in the meantime it could at least be clean.  So, over the weekend, I removed the aluminum blinds that were in the house and washed them.  I took them down,and with them opened all of the way, placed them in the bathtub with hot water- dishsoap- and a splash of bleach.  One of the reasons that I add the bleach- is to help bleach the strings on the miniblinds.  I left them soak for a few hours and came back to this- I don’t know if you can see it well- but there was a TON of dirt, grime 20160410_15580320160410_155929and filth that came off the blinds.  EWWW.  Who knows how long it had been since they were washed before.  I also had thought the blinds were a beige color- turns out they are more of a very light shell pink.  Not my favorite color- and definitely something we’ll be replacing in the future.  But as I told my husband- it’s safety before aesthetics.  There are a lot more things to be done on this house- like adding more smoke detectors- that are more pressing than having pretty blinds.  Not to mention I have to replace all of the windows- they are aluminum windows and all of the seals are broken.  Stay tuned as we transform this house from old and out of date to fabulous!

But back to the blinds.  Once they were cleaned- I showered off the extra soap and any leftover dirt and dried them as best as I could with a towel- being careful not to bend the blinds.  If you have a blanket- you could lay it down in the sunshine and open the blinds up and let them dry in the sun.  Once dry, you can hang your newly cleaned blinds back up and enjoy the fact that your not looking through grime and dust anymore!

One note though- while this is an easy task to do with aluminum blinds- You probably shouldn’t try this on any of the other types of blinds- woven- wood and so on.  If you want to try it, be prepared that things might not go the way you want and you might end up replacing them- so try one at a time, and don’t soak them for too long.  Also- if you have colored strings on your blinds- you will probably want to skip the bleach- mine were so bad- I didn’t care, but depending on what your strings are made of- it could lighten/whiten them and they won’t match the blinds anymore.

Good luck- and happy cleaning!

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