Idea Book and Use Guide

Idea Book Cover

Inside the Idea Book and Use Guide, the Yardage section will walk you through the various precuts and show you how to layout the pieces to get the most from your fabric.  The Use Guide section walks you through all of the pieces in the template set and explains what all of the markings are for and what they are used for.  Finally the Blocks section gives you 100 blocks that you can use to start planning your own designs or adapting other patterns you’ve seen or own to use with the set.  While the blocks shown are by no means the only ones you can make with the set, they are a good sampling of traditional blocks through contemporary. So, start with the blocks, use them as is, rotate them, or mirror them. Add sashings, borders and Voila! You’re on your way to another quilt, uniquely you.

I’m sure there will be something in there to catch your eye, and fire your creativity. So, don’t wait to dive in, and get inspired!

From one quilter to the next 😉

Kimberly Purdy

QT Idea Book and Use Guide