Sleep Mat


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Here’s my daughter Katie, modeling our children’s sleep mat.  The sleep mat is a mat, blanket and pillow all in one convenient carry all.  It has straps to fasten it and one to carry.  It’s a great to take to daycare, to Grandma’s house, or just to lay in front of the TV and watch a show.  They are great for sleepover’s too.  Just lay a few of these down on an air mattress, and everyone’s ready for sleep!






There was a question from one of my customers about what the small straps are for.  The small straps are used to hold the mat together.  Below are a few pictures showing where the straps are attached to the bottom of the mat, how the straps secure the back, and what a mat looks like rolled up.

Below, you can see Katie carrying her mat when it’s rolled up.


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