Bethlehem Star Tree Skirt


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The Bethlehem Star Tree skirt features (3) different sizes of tree skirts: the large tree skirt is round with a diameter of about 51″, the medium tree skirt is an octagon and about 37″ and the mini is about 21″.  The mini tree skirt can also be a candle mat by sewing all of the seams and not cutting out the center.  There is a paper template in the pattern for the 45 degree diamond used in the tree skirt, or if you prefer an acrylic template, you can purchase the Quilter’s 2 1/2″ Toolkit in addition to the pattern and use Template F.

Check out my videos below on how to achieve perfect points on the Bethlehem Star Tree Skirt from my Youtube Channel.

Bethlehem Star- Perfect Points- Part 1

Bethlehem Star- Perfect Points- Part 2




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