Lilac Cottage Designs is my dream to share my passion for quilting and interior design to create unique and beautiful patterns and tools to help others create stunning, trendy and practical quilts and notions.

Kimberly-QuiltingI am an avid stitcher of many types: Cross stitch, embroidery, knitting, crocheting, and especially quilting. While the cross stitch and quilting I have been doing since I was a teenager (I won’t tell you how many decades ago that was)  the others I mostly just dabble in.  Quilting and sewing are what stir my blood.  I grew up mostly sewing apparel, but grew into home dec when I went to work for a custom interiors store while in college.  While there, I learned window treatments, bedding and such including some of the tricks of the trade, which I will share with you.

Like many fabric-aholics, I’m constantly working to both expand and use my stash (kind of seems a little counterproductive- but fun ;).  I love fabrics, in all colors, shapes and weights, but use mostly cotton (as most quilters do).

I consult a lot with my mom, who is also an avid sewer and quilter, though we have various tastes.  Mom prefers more traditional and elaborate designs, while I tend to go for more transitional to contemporary designs and a simpler palette.

I’m an interior designer by profession, but always find time to sew.  It’s my creative outlet.  The thrill of a new project just sets my mind to racing and my creativity to soaring.  I especially like solving problems, so most of my projects have grown out of a need I have seen.  I’m always looking for something new to work on, just as most of my fans are.
Keep checking back for new ideas and Happy Stitching!